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 'It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.’ 

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Fall 2017 extra credit opportunities 

Throughout the semester there are free health related seminars which will enhance your understanding of current topics.  To earn 20 points (100 points maximum) you must attend one or several of these seminars and turn into Dr. Shrock a 5x8 card signed by the presenter with a one-sided summation of what you learned. 

Fall'17 Student Health Services Healthy Living talks
Varied days and locations  - click here for full presentation flyer

27 Sept: 12:00-1:00pm

11 Oct: 11:00-12:00pm

Drug Abuse: Dr. Seang Seng and Amy Yribarren

Learning Disabilities: Marsha Haywood

   Founders 251 

   Founders 257

25 October: 12:00-1:00pm

27 October:



1 Nov: 12:00-2:00pm

Healthy Relationships: Janette Garcia

Finding your purpose: This workshop addresses the need for finding your purpose through goal setting and dealing with your personal challenges first. 

iRest: Use of yoga, mediation to promote relaxation used in clinics, hospitals and improves well being.

   Founders 251

     CAT 213
  (on Coldwell) 


   Founders 251

13 Nov: 12:00-1:00pm

17 Nov: 2:00-4:00pm


Stress Less: Always very popular presentation by former head of counseling Derrek Warring

Nurturing Resiliency: This workshop addresses the unspoken rules of society and showcases the beauty of nurturing the resiliency that exists in low income communities. 

   Founders 251

     CAT 213
  (off Coldwell) 



Fall 2017 Science Colloquium Talks
Science Community Center, MJC West Campus, Room 115
Wednesdays 3:15-4:15pm
previous talks: https://share.yosemite.edu/view.aspx?i=1EH5 

20 September: Climate Change Update - Dr. Richard Anderson, MJC Chemistry Instructor, Emeritus
The Earth’s climate has changed a lot in the last 4 billion years.   What do astronomy, geology, climatology, biology and paleontology tell us about this “Global Warming Thing”

4 October: Karin Wagner, MS, LCGC, Genetic Counselor, Kaiser Permanente, “Genetics Information Explosion and You”

11 October: Ryan Sellman, P.E., Sr. Engineer, Carollo Engineers, Inc., “Keeping Local Water Safe”

15 November: Sally Gerling, Nutritionist, “Nutrition: From the Science to Your Plate”

29 November: Alex Martin-Ginnold, Engineer, “Nanotechnology and Bioengineering”

6 December: Rev. John Roberts, “Adam and Eve and Evolution: Seeking a Synthesis of Science with Faith” 


Modesto Area Science Project
Fridays evenings from 7:30pm in Sierra 132 (West Campus)

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click here for a list by subject of interesting previous talks 

27 Oct: Forest Health and Fire Resiliency in a Changing Climate with John Buckley
Effects of a warming climate on the Sierra Nevada and wildfire tends.

3 November: Ocean Engine of Life (in East campus Auditorium) National Geographic Explorer and TED speaker Tierney Thys speaks to the ocean's immense importance to our lives and the threats of climate change.

1 Dec: Rates of Geologic Change and Global Warming with MJC Professor Garry Hayes.


Thursday Nights, Forum 110, 7:00-9:00PM, MJC East Campus, 435 College Avenue
Open to the Public Free of Charge 
click here for detailed flyer of offerings

5 October - Making of a Gangsta 
Through interviews with clinical psychologists, gang experts, and former gang members, Making of a Gangsta presents viewers with stories of heartbreak and messages of healing, not glamorized media images. Emotional accounts of adverse childhood experiences and individuals shaped by pain, loss, rejection, and distrust are disclosed in the film, which aims to reduce prejudice, inspire empathy, and raise hope by encouraging viewers to see beyond stereotypes. Guest speakers for this one-hour film include Patrick Correa (Correctional Supervisor at Juvenile Hall in Modesto), Michael Glauner (Stanislaus County Youth Development Facilitator), and Adam T. Ybarra (Director of Making of a Gangsta). Ybarra also served as Team Chaplain for the Oakland Raiders and currently heads The Tenacious Group, which partners with youth organizations to promote purpose, hope, and vision.

19 October- The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution 
Subtitled Vanguard of the Revolution, this film sets the rise of the Black Panther Party alongside the turbulent tide of the Vietnam protests and amidst the raging disputes over civil rights. Through a combination of archival footage and interviews with surviving Panthers and FBI agents, The Black Panthers tells the story of a controversial movement that was viewed as a source of great inspiration by some but was regarded as extremely menacing by others, such as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who declared the Black Panthers to be “the greatest threat to internal security of the country.”

2 November - The White Helmets 
Winner of the Academy Award for best short-subject documentary in 2016, this film follows a group of volunteer rescue workers of the Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, as they risk their lives in their efforts to save victims trapped in the rubble caused by military airstrikes.

Learning Resource Center Workshops
Throughout the semester the library/learning resource center offers 2 hour workshops on citation in MLA and/or researching strategies. There are additional workshops as well, but I will grant credit for either of these two.
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Discover Yosemite National Park: (click here for the Yosemite NP website)
Travel 2 hours to Yosemite National Park and discover it's wonders and earn 20 points, even if you have been before! To earn the extra credit, bring you car admission receipt ($30.00) and write on one side of a 5x8 card on what you experienced.