Health Research Project Information - lecture classes

The goal of the Health Research Project is for you to find one aspect of health, based off the 8 suggestions detailed in the health research project packet that you want to pursue to improve your health.  The project is worth 30% of your final grade or 300 points. 

The project consists of two parts:
1) Four page (1200 word minimum) paper detailing the steps you took to complete the project.  The paper must contain several references to the textbook and a correctly formatted 'works cited' page. 

 2) Documentation of your project such as calendars of workout schedules; calendars of you progression making a diet modification such as eating more healthfully, quitting sodas or caffeine; or a journal of your emotions/stressors. 

For specific details refer to the Health Research project packet given out at the start of class, or refer to health research project guidelines

To help you avoid the distress of procrastination, everyone must initially complete a one page Health Research Project proposal. Refer to the one page proposal  information sheet  provided by Dr. Shrock in class.
If you have any questions, please do not leave it until the last minute!

Paper formatting help:

If you do not know how to format papers in MLA style, refer to the following suggested on-line resources: 

Fall 2019 MLA example page

Purdue University Online Writing Lab website with great information on MLA formatting and citations

YouTube tutorial on using MLA format:  

MJC Library MLA citation page is a great tool as well for formatting your work cited page.

Click here for a Goggle Docs guide on MLA formatting 

MLA paper template in WORD  (Open and save to your computer and simply paste your paper onto this pre-formatted template with all margins, spacing, and headers formatted)

Project Grading Rubric (See what criteria I use to grade your project, and you can print this sheet and attach to the front of your project when turning it in.  I will also have hard copies available on they day you turn in your project ) 

Also remember that the MJC writing centers are a great resources:

West Campus: Integrated Learning Center: upstairs of Yosemite Hall: Mon-Thr-8:00am-6:30pm & Fri-9:00-1:00, ph: 209.575-7847.  You need to set-up an appointment for an English tutor, they are no longer available on a walk-in basis.
East Campus: Library-Learning Resource Center: Mon-Thr-8:00am-7:00pm & Fri-9:00-1:00, ph: 209.575-6682 

Project submission instructions:

Your semester project is due no later Thursday, 7 November at 4:30pm 

1) up-load’ an electronic copy of the paper (not including documentation) to Turn-it-in module on the class’s Canvas page. First click on Health Research Project submission in the grade book, and then click on the >> View/Complete button, and upload your paper with works cited page in a WORD .doc, .docx, .Pdf, or .rtf file. Be sure you download the receipt of your submission for your records. Do not worry what the formatting looks like on the Turnitin site as it often is jumbled.  I only grade formatting based on the hard copy you will turn in with documentation. 

2) Turn in a ‘hard-copy’ of your paper and any documentation to Dr. Shrock’s office: John Muir 157-I by Thursday, 7 November  at 4:30pm.  

NOTE: If you choose to submit the project after the due date, I may not grade the paper until the following semester (you will receive an incomplete for this term), and I will deduct 25% from your final grade.