FALL 2019 MHE-110 Healthful Living class information page
you will require adobe acrobat reader 10.0 or newer to download these Pdf. files

general information
class syllabus

class agenda

Health Research project info

project MLA example page 

Stanislaus Family Justice Center
1625 I Street, Modesto

MJC Mental Health Counseling Services
virtual pamphlet link

week one
course introduction 
Chapter One: Assessing Your Health

lecture notes

assignment one details
setting SMART goals
week & month calendars
behavioral intervention & contract

week two
Chapter Two:
Promoting and Preserving Your Psychosocial Health

 lecture notes
quiz clues

no handouts this week 

MJC Mental Health Counseling Services 
virtual pamphlet link

week three
Chapters 3 and 4:
Managing Stress and

Coping with Life's Challenges
with Improving Your Sleep

lecture notes

quiz clues

effective studying strategies
taking stress seriously

stress and over eating
50 stress reducers

week four
Chapter ten:
Nutrition: Eating for a Healthier You

 lecture notes
quiz clues

food label assignment
eating more effectively
will that be water or soda?
what to eat before a big contest
revised dietary guidelines
food rules guide 

week five
Chapter eleven:
Reaching and Maintaining

a Healthy Weight

lecture notes

quiz clues

tips for healthy weight gain

trimming here and there

calorie expenditure chart
Chart of sugar in our foods

mid-term study guide


week six
Chapter twelve:
Your Personal Fitness

lecture notes 

quiz clues 

power & strength training
effects of steroids
psych. benefits of exercise
exercise routine planning
optimal abdominal workouts
target heart rate worksheet
US Olympic article on flexibility

week seven
chapter five:
Preventing Violence and Injury

Mid-Term Exam
Tuesday, 8 October

lecture notes
quiz clues

TEDtalk on Childhood Trauma

protecting our children
protection from identity theft
Modesto PD personal safety info

project proposal details

week eight
chapter six:
Connecting and Communicating in the Modern World, plus and Understanding Your Sexuality

lecture notes
quiz clues

no handouts this week



weeks nine 
chapter seven:
Considering Your Reproductive Choices

lecture notes
quiz clues

no handouts this week

week  ten
chapters 8 and 9:
Recognizing and Avoiding Addictions and Drug Abuse Drinking Alcohol Responsibly and ending tobacco use, plus caffeine use

Chapter eight lecture notes
Chapter nine lecture notes
quiz clues

community help resources
Medications from the past
illicit drugs of today? 
effects of steroids

benefits of stopping smoking

week eleven
chapters thirteen:
Reducing Your Risks for cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes

lecture notes
quiz clues

extra weight = extra cancer risk

How to submit an A project
and Turnitin upload presentation


week twelve
chapter fourteen:
Protecting Against Infectious Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Infections, with Focus on Chronic Disease and Conditions

lecture notes
quiz clues

common cold treatment sheet:
sexual exposure chart and
common STD information



 Health Research Projects 

due no later than 
Thursday, 7 November
in addition to being uploaded on Turnitin via 
class Canvas site

week thirteen
Chapter fifteen:
Making Smart Healthcare Choices with Focus and on Complementary and Integrative Medicine

 lecture notes

quiz clues


high costs of prescription drugs


 family health history card details


week fourteen 

Chapter fifteen:
Focus on Aging, Death, and Dying

 lecture notes

quiz clues


how the body ages 


final exam study guide

week fifteen

Chapter sixteen:
Promoting Environmental Health

 lecture notes

quiz clues



Click here for MJC's Modesto Junior College
MAPS Programs on Climate Change   

Week Sixteen: 9-13 December 

The MHE-110 final exam will be given only on Tuesday, 10 December in Sierra 132:

  • Tuesday/Thursday 8:45-10:10am class (Sierra 132):  from 7:30-9:50am
  • Tuesday/Thursday 10:20-11:45am class (Sierra 132): from 10:00am-12:50pm
  • Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-2:55pm class (Sierra 132): from 1:00-3:50pm

    You may take the exam at anytime during the day...allow 2 hours if you have a good study guide


The final is a closed note and book test.  You will be allowed two hand-written 8.5 x 11 double-sided pieces of paper as a study guide.